Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I only knew of this beach when I visited the city, Nha Trang, Vietnam. This place is not at all touristy and still preserves its natural state. Long stretch of white sand bed with blue water spreading to skyline, peaceful and simply amazing. It’s a very pleasant surprise for my group to “stumble upon” this beach during our trip to this city.

Being able to come across places like this, personally, is an unexpected treasure for travellers anywhere.

I also came across this butterfly-shaped leaf and really felt intrigued and in awe with open nature background and the butterfly shape of the leaf, hence the shot 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Vietnamese Bun Thang (vermicelli with shredded chicken, sausage/pork roll, mushroom, tofu, and vegetables). One of my favorite with many ingredients combined together to create a wonderful dish, tasty yet light and healthy.
These ingredients are different layers of Bun Thang which create a mosaic of a culinary culture from various flavors.

Home is where… food is


The saying goes

Home is where the heart is

But the foodie in me says

Home is where all the food is

Don’t you remember that smell of home

In the most literal sense

That the very moment your nose picks it up

Your every senses awake from slumber

Don’t you recognize that

When you are back

Not to home

But to somewhere near

Yet so far

You can tell

Yes, I’m home, but not quite

Don’t those dishes

In some restaurant boasting the home flavour

You can see the self-assumed expert in you

Cringed his nose

But tries them anyway

Their names make your neurons run

To the drawer of those kept-away memories

They pretend to be the same

But not quite

Food is home

Like how you feel assured and at peace

Strangely when seeing home food

Though looks different every time

Yet you know, for sure,

The same goodness it carries

The same wonder it holds

The same love it represents

And never grow tired

Funny how you used to fancy

Things that are shiny

But not gold

Things that are orderly

But not peaceful

Things that are classy

But not comforting

Yet when you have gold

When you have order

When you have class

What you need most

can only be seen

From afar





Sharing what you have

But already miss.

Du hoc Singapore (phan 1)



Disclaimer 1: Bai viet dua vao trai nghiem ca nhan han hep cua tac gia va cai nhien (se) co phan phien dien. Tuy nhien, se co gang het suc de cung cap thong tin day du nhat co the voi cach nhin khach quan nhat. Bai viet nay chi nham vao cac ban doc co y dinh tim hieu thong tin ve Singapore cho viec di du hoc hoac du lich ngan ngay chu khong nham muc dich quang cao kiem tien hay cho cac doi tuong ban doc khac. Thong tin chi tiet hon co the duoc tim qua su to cua the gioi mang – Google.

Disclaimer 2: Trong bai viet se co chen lan mot so cum tu tieng Anh vi khong biet dich the nao hoac la ten rieng cua to chuc hoac dia diem nao day nen dich ra cung khong de lam gi. Mong qui vi thong cam :p

Disclaimer 3: Hinh chup chi mang tinh chat minh hoa (chup bang dien thoai va #nofilter ^^)

Dau tien la phai noi ve ban than mot chut de lay ti credit cung nhu la de chuan bi cho ban doc mot chut thong cam la se co nhieu diem thut hut do kinh nghiem thieu truoc hut sau cua ban than. Tac gia la hoc sinh cu nhan (vua bi da dit khoi truong) o Singapore Management University (o day thuong goi la SMU) nganh quan tri he thong thong tin (Information Systems Management). Hoc luc trung binh, an choi cung khong co gi la soi noi. Con nha cong nhan vien chuc. Di hoc theo dien cho vay co lai cua chinh phuc Singapore va hoc bong bo me. Hoc tap va than tho o cai dat nay cung chi tam 4.5 nam tinh den thoi diem cua bai viet nay. Em xin het a!

Vay la da xong phan gioi thieu, bay gio se di vao phan thit cua bai viet nay, do la Singapore. Trong phan 1, xin duoc gioi thieu cai nhin tong quan ve dao quoc nay, nen giao duc, va nhung diem luu y noi chung ve viec di hoc o day.

Singapore la mot hon dao nho xiu, chat nich, nhung hien dai, rat tien loi trong trong cuoc song hang ngay, va tuong doi sach se (ca bau khi quyen lan tinh trang ve sinh o cac noi cong cong, hang quan, khu mua sam, v.v…). Singapore (ten goi tren giay to la Cong hoa Singapore) co dien tich la 710 km vuong (so voi Ho Chi Minh la 2095 km vuong va Hong Kong la 1104 km vuong), nam phia tren xich dao, ngay duoi diem cung cuc nam cua Malaysia, phia nam giap voi Indonesia (tu Ho Chi Minh se bay xuong phia nam, tam 1,5 tieng dong ho thi toi Singapore). Quoc ngu cua Singapore la tieng Malay – truoc gio chi nghe noi den bai quoc ca cua nuoc nay la toan bang tieng Malay (*fun fact: nhieu nguoi ban dia thuoc bai hat quoc ca nhung khong hieu no noi cai gi tru khi la len mang hoac nho nguoi dich). Ngon ngu su dung hang ngay trong kinh doanh lam viec la tieng Anh. Ngon ngu su dung trong giao tiep thi bao gom: tieng Anh, Singlish (tieng Anh nguoi ban dia su dung), tieng Malay, tieng Tamil, tieng Trung (Phuc Kien – Hokkien, Quang Dong – Cantonese, Tieu Chau – Teochew), va cac thu tieng khac tuy theo gia dinh.

Singapore co dan so 5.3 trieu nguoi, trong so do 3.8 trieu la cong dan, con lai la thuong tru nhan va nguoi nuoc ngoai (hoc sinh sinh vien, cong nhan vien chuc, va cac ca nhan theo dien tham nuoi hoac visa phu thuoc). (*fun fact: tat ca cong dan nam cua Singapore deu phai di nghia vu quan su bat buoc 2 nam truoc khi vao dai hoc – tru khi co li do dac biet thi duoc mien nhap ngu hoac duoc hoan tam thoi.) Nguoi dan bao gom co cac nhom dan toc chinh la nguoi goc Hoa, nguoi goc Malay, nguoi goc An Do, va cac nhom khac nhu nguoi Hoa tu Trung Hoa dai luc, tu Dai Loan, Hong Kong, nguoi Au va cac nuoc chau A khac.

Singapore co mot nen giao duc duoc biet den o nhieu noi tren the gioi. Trong nhung nam gan day, trong cac bang xep hang tu nhieu to chuc, duoi nhieu hang muc khac nhau, Singapore deu co ten duoi cac truong dai hoc va cac co so giao duc khac nhau. Phan dong cac du hoc sinh o Singapore co the du hoc o nuoc nay tu nam cap 2 (theo nhieu dien hoc bong vi du nhu hoc bong ASEAN), hoac la hoc tu cu nhan.

He thong giao duc o Singapore bao gom Primary School (tam dich la cap 1, 6 nam), Secondary School (tam dich la cap 2, co the tu 4-5 nam), sau do hoc sinh hoc tiep len ITE – Institute of Technical Education hoac Polytechnic, hoac Junior College, va cuoi cung la cu nhan/ thac si/ tien si o dai hoc. ITE hoac Polytechnic hoc theo dang chung chi nghe (vocational training) de lay diploma. Hoc sinh o day thuong hoc theo dang nay co the di lam luon nhung phan dong se tiep tuc hoc lay bang cu nhan o dai hoc. Junior College la hoc de lay GCE ‘A’ level de can cu vao do xet tuyen vao dai hoc. Mot so cac truong hop khac theo hoc o cac truong quoc te theo chuong trinh International Baccalaureate (tuong duong GCE ‘A’ level). Cac truong dai hoc o Singapore bao gom cac truong dai hoc tu thuc (co so tai Sing cua mot so dai hoc nuoc ngoai, truong tu thuc hoat dong chinh tai Sing). Cac truong dai hoc dang nay bao gom vi du nhu EASB, PSP Academy, MDIS, Curtin, James Cook, SIM – SIM Global Education. Ngoai ra mot dang khac la cac truong dai hoc cong lap nhu Dai hoc quoc gia Singapore – National University of Singapore (NUS), Dai hoc cong nghe Nanyang – Nangtang Technological University (NTU), Dai hoc cong nghe va thiet ke – Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Cuoi cung va co le cung la duy nhat la truong ban cong: Dai hoc quan li Singapore – Singapore Management University (SMU). Thong thuong mot so ban o nha se biet nhieu nhat den NUS va NTU. Gan day thi SMU cung bat dau xuat hien tren ban do du hoc va co le moi nhat la SUTD do truong moi thanh lap gan day. Theo tri nho trung binh cua tac gia thi Uni SIM cung duoc cong nhan la thuoc he thong cong lap hay ban cong gi do, cac ban co the check lai tren Google :p. (*fun fact: theo quan niem o day thi dai hoc cong lap bao gom 4 truong: NUS, NTU, SMU, va SUTD)

Tren day la so luoc (rat rat so luoc) ve dat nuoc Singapore. Bay gio minh se tiep tuc bang viec noi ve buoc dau tien cua viec di du hoc o Singapore. Mot so van de se duoc de cap la:

– Tai sao lai di du hoc? Tai sao lai chon Singapore?

– Chon truong nao thi la hop voi minh?

– Chon nganh nao thi la hop voi minh?

1/ Tai sao lai di du hoc? Tai sao lai chon Singapore?

a. Tai sao lai di du hoc?

Cau hoi nay da duoc rat rat rat rat nhieu nguoi tra loi duoi nhieu hinh thuc – vlog, blog post, facebook note/status, interview, conference, news article, van van va van van. Google mot phat la co ngay bai Viet tieng viet, tieng tay tieng u co du ca. Ban than minh chi muon neu mot so y kien ca nhan sau khi da trai qua 4 nam o xu nguoi.

Mot dieu de hieu la moi nguoi se co mot cach nhin khac nhau ve viec du hoc. Mot so se dung, mot so se khac thuc te mot chut. Khong the noi la nguoi phat ngon hay giu y kien nao do la ngu dot, phien dien, the nay the no vi don gian la chua trai nghiem thi khong tranh khoi sai sot. Vi vay nen minh thay can phai neu y kien va kinh nghiem ban than ve mot so cac quan diem ve du hoc nhu sau:

+ Du hoc chi danh cho bon hoc dot, rot dai hoc Viet Nam

Minh nghi day la mot cach nhin da khong con ton tai trong phan dong bo phan gioi tre va phu huynh o nha (it nhat la trong qua trinh minh luot qua facebook, dien dan, hay phan binh luan cua cac bai bao chi tren mang cung khong thay nhieu nhu hoi minh hoc cap 2-3 nua). Dieu nay co the dung co the sai tuy truong hop moi ca nhan nhung cho du co la khong thi noi (hay co the khong muon thi thi sao?) thi cung khong the noi duoc la nguoi do hoc dot. Giong nhu do an thuc uong, am nhac, va phim anh, moi nguoi se phat trien o nhieu mo hinh dao tao khac nhau. Mot dieu ong ba day chi phai la Cuoi nguoi hom truoc hom sau nguoi cuoi. (cai nay minh se noi them o mot muc khac)

+ Du hoc chi gianh cho bon nha giau.

Gan day nhu cac ban da biet, bao dai mang, cac co so tu van du hoc lien tuc dua tin ve cac xuat du hoc hoc bong ban phan hoac toan phan do nhieu cac to chuc va truong hoc cap. Hoc bong bo me thi cung chia lam nhieu loai. Minh khong the noi quan niem tran la hoan toan sai lam nhung cung co day ray cac ban du hoc tu tuc nhung nai lung di lam them va van song tot ma khong can tro giup cua bo me. Chuyen tai chinh mot phan la do chinh quyen o nuoc du hoc quyet dinh mot phan la do cac ban tu quyet dinh nua vi se co rat nhieu loai hinh lam them tuy theo noi du hoc – lam tai campus, lam thuc tap, lam them nhu boi ban, ban hang o cac shop, day hoc cho hoc sinh cap 1-2-3, lam huong dan vien du lich, dich thuat, van van va van van…

+ Du hoc chac chan se co viec lam, lai con viec lam ngon, luong cao nua.

Trong dau minh khi di den muc nay chi muon la to len la SAI LAM!. Bao chi trong nuoc va nuoc ngoai trong nhung nam gan day cung deu ro len van de viec lam cua sinh vien (ca nuoc ta lan nuoc ngoai – chau Au, My, cac nuoc chau A khac) sau tot nghiep cu nhan/thac si/tien si. Cai cau noi ma minh cho du dua tren hoan canh ca nhan hien tai van phai rang nuot troi va hieu la “Life doesn’t owe you anything. Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything nowadays.” Don gian hon la thoi buoi bay gio khi ma cu nhan, thac si, tien si ra lo qua nhieu thi viec ban so huu mot tam bang dai hoc cung khong noi len duoc dieu gi voi cac nha tuyen dung. Neu co luan diem cho rang bang nuoc ngoai chac se ngon hon bang dai hoc trong nuoc thi minh cung nghi la quan niem nay bay gio da loi thoi. Mot lan dau phai chi co minh ban di du hoc dung khong? Nui cao thi co nui cao hon. Ban hoc o truong A thi nguoi khac o truong B. Bat dau co nhieu hon du hoc sinh Viet Nam ve nuoc lam viec nen ban se phai quay lai van de canh tranh voi du hoc sinh VN tu cac quoc gia khac nhau. Mot diem nua la cac cong ty tuyen dung se nhin vao mot so yeu to vi du nhu luong bong (ban di hoc nuoc ngoai ve thi doi hoi muc luong cao hon so voi muc trung binh o VN la dieu di nhien) va so sanh voi kha nang cong hien cho cong ty cua ung cu vien. Ban nen tu hoi ban co cong hien duoc gi hon cac ban hoc dai hoc trong nuoc khi giao trinh va kien thuc ki nang “cung”/ co ban cung kha tuong duong nhau? Them nua, hoc trong nuoc thi mot so nhom ban sinh vien chiu kho theo doi se co the hieu biet ve moi truong trong nuoc tot hon cac ban da xa xu nhieu nam tro ve. Chieu theo diem nay, ai se la nguoi co loi the? Ban hay la ban be o cac dai hoc trong nuoc day?

Nhin lai van de thi ban nen cho di du hoc, theo minh, vi mot so li do nhu sau nua:

+ Di du hoc de duoc mo mang tam mat, biet nguoi biet ta, cho phep ban than duoc trai nghiem nhieu thu ma o nha chua chac da MUON thu. Mot bai hoc dat gia ma minh nhan duoc la di du hoc se cho ban thay the gioi xoay chuyen nhanh va manh nhu the nao. Ban se duoc gap nguoi nay nguoi kia, nhieu thanh phan cua xa hoi voi nhieu quan diem, cach nhin khac nhau. Dieu nay that su giup cho ban co cai nhin tot hon ve cuoc song, va quan trong hon het la ve ban than minh. Di du hoc con la cho phep ban than minh duoc nam lay nhieu co hoi khac nhau (viec lam, hoc tap, hoa nhap, va rat nhieu thu khac). Nhieu luc ban se cam thay minh hoc duoc nhieu thu ben ngoai hon la ben trong sach vo, lop hoc, bai kiem tra. Nhieu khi ban se nhan ra rang uoc mo lam lap trinh vien chi la hao huyen vi li do nay li do khac va dam me thuc su cua ban la nganh tam li hoc hoac triet hoc chang han. Kho co the noi truoc duoc. Hoac ban co the kham pha ra thiet ra minh cung co tai viet van hay lap trinh hay lam toan chu khong dot dac can mai nhu ban nghi truoc day. Rat nhieu kha nang deu co the xay ra.

+ Di du hoc de thu thach ban than. Cho du la di du hoc duoi hinh thuc nao, trong tinh trang nao di nua thi ban van can phai co su dung cam, kien tri, va long tu ton nua. Thu thach bat dau tu nhung cai nho nhat nhu an uong giat giu, cho den viec lam sao de song trong cung phong, trong cung nha voi nhung nguoi truoc day ban chua he quen biet, va nhung van de lon lao nhu ban thich gi, ban muon gi, ban co du suc luc va nghi luc di tiep hay khong, ban co giu duoc binh tinh va tu tin truoc nhieu thu kho khan khong nam trong tam tay hay ap luc tu viec nhan biet co qua nhieu nguoi xung quanh ban tai gioi hon ban gap nhieu lan. Nghe co ve triet li va ghe gom nhung that su minh da cam nhan nhung dieu nay ro hon khi nhin lai va vao cuoi ngay, viec suy nghi ve nhung cau hoi nay co the se khong mang lai cau tra loi chinh xac va ngay lap tuc nhung se giup ban nhieu hon trong suy nghi ve cac quyet dinh cua ban than.

+ Di du hoc cung co khi mo ra cho ban mot so co hoi nghe nghiep tuong doi de hon o nha. Diem nay thi tuy thuoc vao qua trinh hoc tap, nganh nghe ma ban chon, nang luc ban than, va dich den ma moi nguoi nham den nen cung khong hoan toan 100% la dung.

+ Di du hoc chac la suong voi vui lam. Dung la co nhieu thu vui khi ban tham gia hoat dong ngoai khoa, tham gia tinh nguyen, cac dip le hoi, cac tu diem vui choi giai tri cung nhu co hoi tiep xuc voi cai moi hoac noi don gian hon la duoc coi phim cong chieu le hon o nha, duoc mua do dien tu nhieu kho o nha khong co ban, mua hang o Amazon, Applestore khong bi gioi han. Di du hoc suong o cho ban se lam luc cam thay rang minh may man hon khong biet bao nhieu nguoi cung gioi nhu vay (neu khong muon noi la gioi hon minh nhieu) nhung khong co co hoi duoc di du hoc. Nhung luong thoi gian phan bo cho nhung viec nay se nho so voi luong thoi gian ban phan bo cho viec chay dua voi bai vo (hoac la qua nhieu hoac la do ban doi den phut cuoi moi lam), ap luc tu viec hoc hanh va thi dua voi ban be, ap luc trong viec hoa nhap voi moi truong xung quanh, lich trinh day dac moi ngay tu viec hoc den viec lam them (tuy truong hop). Ai cung biet rang di du hoc la tu lo cho ban than rat nhieu. Dieu nay khong the chi noi suong ma phai trai qua thi ban se hieu rang tu viec ban benh tat om dau, cho den luc nho nha nho gia dinh hoac cam thay co don cung cuc vi khong the hoa dong cung voi ban be cung hoc o truong. Co luc ban se cam thay rang muon bo het hoac minh hoan toan bo tay bat luc. Ban co the chia se cung gia dinh hay ban be nhung cuoi cung ban phai la nguoi duy nhat bat tay vao lam de giai quyet van de, du ban co thich hay khong. Mot phan vi ban da truong thanh va mot phan vi chang co ai ranh roi de giup ban ca.

b. Tai sao lai chon Singapore?

So voi cac dia diem du hoc khac nhu Uc, Anh, Thuy Si, Y, Duc, Phap, My, Canada thi Singapore ro rang co loi the la qua gan nha. (Chac la tru Malaysia ^0^). Di may bay 1.5 tieng thi con gan hon ban di xe tu Vung Tau len Sai Gon 😛 Cac bac phu huynh se duoc mot cai y nghi an tam la con cai o gan lo co chuyen gi minh con di qua ben do duoc chu con tuot mot vong trai dat nhu o My thi nghe nhu mot di khong tro lai. Singapore khong can phai phai phong van xin visa hay chung minh tai chinh khi di hoc nhung mot so nuoc khac. (*fun fact: tren giay to van co mot thu goi la visa nhung vi van nam trong ASEAN nen thu tuc di ra di vao kha de dang) nen ban khong phai lo viec xin visa khong duoc hay cac bac phu huynh gap kho khan khi muon sang tham con cai trong luc di hoc. (cac bac phu huynh chi can mua ve roi bay sang sing chia ra ho chieu Viet Nam thi da duoc theo dien du lich cho o 30 ngay tai Sing. Thu tuc duoc chap nhan ngay tai cho o san bay nen giang ho van dung thuat ngu – di de nhu di cho).

Mot so truong dai hoc o Singapore cho phep vay tien de di hoc (*fun fact: co loi co hai nhung dieu nay xin duoc noi tiep o bai ke) cho nen tien hoc phi cho du khi nhin vao website co ve kinh khung khiep nhung so tien mat phai tra truoc se it hon con so ke tren website rat nhieu. Ban hoan toan co the kiem viec lam sau khi tot nghiep roi tu minh tra so tien hoc phi da muon ma khong can phai tiep tuc nho va bo me –> mot phan ganh nang kinh phi co the duoc ru bo.

Singapore rieng minh cam nhan thi la mot noi rat tien loi. Khong the bi lac (nghe qua co ve vi dat nuoc qua nho) nhung thuc ra la vi he thong xe buyt va xe dien kha la day dac nen chuyen bi lac khong den noi qua te nhu o mot so noi khac. Su tien loi o day con the hien o viec mua ban, giao dich hang ngay qua nhieu hinh thanh mua ban va thanh toan co san. Hau nhu ban muon cai gi cung co the kiem va mua tuong doi de dang (tat nhien mien la co tien va thoi gian bo ra de Google va … di bo). Ban dem ban them an thi da co nhieu cua hang an uong mo cua 24/7. Xung quanh cho o thi the nao cung co cac khu san van dong, ho boi, nha thi dau duoc chinh phu xay dung. Cho bua thi tu sieu thi cho den kieu cho truyen thong nhu o Viet Nam cung deu hien dien buon ban du cac loai hang hoa tu tay sang tau (mot lan nua, mien la ban co tien va thoi gian di bo ;P) .

Mot diem nua Singapore la mot noi kha an toan. Cai gi cung co tinh tuong doi nhung ban co the hoi du hoc sinh o day va ai cung se noi rang o day nhieu cho ra duong luc 1-2 gio sang kiem to bun an ma khong so bi cuop hay hiep dam. Dan tinh o day di xe buy voi xe dien hoac chi don gian la ngoi cong vien ma tay van cam bop voi dien thoai ho henh nhu dang o nha.

Khong biet la vi o Sing an tieu nhieu hon nhung xung quanh Sing la cac dia diem du lich tuong doi gan nhu Malaysia, Indonesia, va The Philippines. ban nao ua thich du lich thi di den cac dia diem nay tu Sing deu tien loi va de dang (*fun fact: nhieu hoc sinh trao doi tu cac nuoc chau Au va My deu den Singapore hoc vi la noi tien loi di du lich den nhieu nuoc chau A khac).

Ngoai nhung diem nghe lot lo tai nhu o tren thi Singapore la mot noi dat do (Google de xem no xep hang bao nhieu trong top nhung thanh pho dat do nhat the gioi – chac se la trong top 10). Singapore tuong doi nham chan vi nuoc nay la mot dao nho voi chu yeu cac khu mua sam va mot vai cho giai tri chu khong phai la noi co dia li van hoa da dang hay thien nhien phong phu nhu Viet Nam hay mot so quoc gia khac. Cuoc song o day tuong doi nhanh va ap luc nen se co luc ban tu hoi sao nguoi day mau lanh the. Mot diem nua la trong thoi gian gan day va xu huong se co the tiep tuc sap toi la Singapore khong con duoc than thien voi nguoi nuoc ngoai nhu truoc day. Cac chinh sach viec lam, nhap cu dinh cu nhin chung co cam giac nhu khong con duoc de dang nhu cu nua. Day la van de ban van gap phai o bat ki noi dau minh la nguoi nuoc ngoai. Nhung so sanh giua qua khu va hien tai thi ro rang co mot so thay doi trong chinh sach nha nuoc cung nhu quan diem cua nguoi dan ve van de nguoi nuoc ngoai ma ban nen luu y trong giao tiep hang ngay cung nhu cac quyet dinh hoc tap va lam viec lau dai.

Mot diem cuoi cung can luu tam o Singapore la day la mot dat nuoc chau A. Khong it chuyen duoc giang ho don dai rang o nuoc nay nuoc no, se co nhung du hoc sinh tu bo con duong da chon vi ap luc hoa nhap va cam giac co don khong chai Vodka hay mot tequila shot nao co the xoa het duoc. Kinh nghiem ca nhan sau khi nghe ban be o mot so nuoc ke lai thi viec hoa nhap la co the nhung doi hoi mot no luc khong ngung cua ban than. Ca nhan minh nghi rang mot dieu may man cho du hoc sinh Singapore la day la mot xa hoi van con mang net chau A, nguoi dan van la da vang, mui tet, mat hi nen ban khong phai liet vao dang “nguoi la” trong dam dong cac ban da trang, cao to nhu qua nui uong bia nhu uong nuoc va hoan toan khong chia se cung nhung moi lo lang giong nhu ban  (hoi bi stereotype nhung dai loai la the). Tom lai soc van hoa va ap luc hoa nhap theo minh nghi se khong den noi te nhu o cac nuoc tay au. Mot diem cong nua cho Singapore!

— Phan tiep theo se noi ve viec lua chon nganh hoc va truong dai hoc de theo hoc tai Singapore. Mo rong ra la cac van de cua mot sing vien tai Singapore: hoc tap, giao tiep, sinh song —









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The other day we met for coffee. I was not going to insist she put her cell phone away, but I was determined to stay on the subject.

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Self-Loathing 20-Somethings And The Dreams They're Chasing

This is a hypothetical conversation that would take place if we were able to speak words to our dreams, and hear what they have to say in response.

Self-Loathing 20-Something: Dreams?… Hey, Dreams, where you at?
Dreams: Heller, whatchu need suga’?
SL2S: Um, not much – why are you talking like a Tyler Perry character?
Dreams: Just a new thing I’m trying out – anyway, how’s it going?
SL2S: Not good. Not good at all.
Dreams: Oh I’m sure you’re exaggerating, it can’t possibly be too bad.
SL2S: Well, I found Fruit Loops in my sweatpants pocket today, so… that kind of sums up life right now.
Dreams: Damn. Loose cereal in the soft pant’s pocket is never a good sign.
SL2S: So yeah, again I ask, where are you?
Dreams: I’m here. Still here – haven’t moved since you first decided that you wanted to meet up.
SL2S: Where…

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