Like every other pa

I got this during the Singapore Air Base exhibition last week. This will be my first ever post about o photo. I don’t have a great camera, just a good enough point-n-shoot Canon. So definitely I am not discussing the technique, the colour, the light, etc. What I would like to tell is why I took the picture.

Of course the impulsive thing is i found the moment quite amusing yet heartening. Way back when i was still a kid, i once asked myself: “why pa isn’t Superman? why pa doesn’t have super strength? why pa can’t fly?” [So much for an Asian kid :p] All kids have dreams and love super power. I did, too. I wanted to have magic… well, to make my pa superman.

Many may remember the story of a man and a tree, of how he receives so much from the old tree since he’s a kid till he gets married. Looking back at myself, i have never said i love my pa. I have never really asked him how he’s doing. Nor have i ever told him about my life and asked about his. Strange he is that he’s still supporting me, lifting me up. Guess that’s the most serious part about being a pa, to be a full time supporter of your children.

I have wondered some time what kind of love this is, what kind of relationship exists between us. Yet this thought never wanders for so long. I have doubted to the least pa loves me all this time.

Lovely how he keeps asking me the same thing about emailing and sending pictures. Ever since I leave town for university, we both have made efforts. He emails and skypes while I call and … email 🙂 I wished pa happy birthday and talked about my study, my life here in this little island.

Coming back to the dreams, I think one more should add one more to my list: to be a good pa one day 😀

From the song Cat’s in the cradle

He’d say “I’m gonna be like you dad
You know I’m gonna be like you”

Cat’s in the cradle

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