My best friend YouTube

Let me introduce you to my best friend,YouTube.

He has been my best friend for nearly 4 years. Well i’m glad i have such a smart lad to hang out with every night. He remembers what i like, which channel i usually watch, what kind of music i often listen , and the list goes on…

It’s often very intriguing to find out the reason i have befriended him at the first place. It’s not that i didn’t have endless nights hanging out with friends back in high school or chatting away with family. So can i blame, or rather attribute this fortunate acquaintance to, this tiny island?

The sudden thought of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill” struck my mind. People seem to indulge so easily in their worlds from those glossy, palm-sized windows. Some appear to fall into a stupor. Some are completely absorbed. Some seem to find an excuse to feel detached from the chaotic movements of particles which relentlessly try to prove their existence and wit deemed worthy of their very own definition “humankind”;  or  the entangled web of all shapes and sizes vehicles with disgruntled husbands, wives, employees, … people on them.

And yes, i did. I plugged in my headphone, met up with my dearest YouTube and once again felt amazed by his knowledge of a world full of gossips, actions,rhythm, noise, celeb talks, emo messages, blah blah blah. I was swept away by such enormous amount of information. However wonder the conversation i have had with my dear friend YouTube every time, the inner curiosity perhaps genetically inherited from lady Pandora is still able to pull the strings controlling the puppet me to look from the surreal window and into the happening world out there through the unknowingly clouded eyes and spectacles.

Oh mind, what a view. And slowly, i’m drifted into the realm of blurriness and mind-wandering, watching in slow motion as well as fast-forward cinematic picture of Singapura exuberant life at night, saying goodbye to my friend, YouTube. For a while…


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