“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”
Rogers, Will

Like any other students, ivy league to not-yet-known universities, i have my panicking moments from time to time when i approach a milestone of my varsity life.

This is one instance of nausea, extreme anxiety, relentless worry and stress. Another hurdle i will have to overcome and draw a relieving sigh afterward. On hindsight, things in uni are not life and death matter for many of us, including me (as rightfully pointed out by my respectable professor).

Deep down, i know that it’s true. Yet, as a human being like many others, and in addition to my inexperience and hopeless optimism of youth, i doubt that many can overcome the end-of-the-world mentality when (s)he is preparing to stable the vehicle before and after passing that pothole on the road.

It’s true that through hardship, people really learn bit by bit how to get a hold of themselves and to realize that you have learnt at least a fraction of what are there to absorb from the whole melodramatic business.

I do and will keep telling myself: “of course i won’t look back at this failure – if it indeed happens –  and feel devastated so get a grip of yourself and get this sh*t over and done with”

Happy Coding!

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