Home is where… food is


The saying goes

Home is where the heart is

But the foodie in me says

Home is where all the food is

Don’t you remember that smell of home

In the most literal sense

That the very moment your nose picks it up

Your every senses awake from slumber

Don’t you recognize that

When you are back

Not to home

But to somewhere near

Yet so far

You can tell

Yes, I’m home, but not quite

Don’t those dishes

In some restaurant boasting the home flavour

You can see the self-assumed expert in you

Cringed his nose

But tries them anyway

Their names make your neurons run

To the drawer of those kept-away memories

They pretend to be the same

But not quite

Food is home

Like how you feel assured and at peace

Strangely when seeing home food

Though looks different every time

Yet you know, for sure,

The same goodness it carries

The same wonder it holds

The same love it represents

And never grow tired

Funny how you used to fancy

Things that are shiny

But not gold

Things that are orderly

But not peaceful

Things that are classy

But not comforting

Yet when you have gold

When you have order

When you have class

What you need most

can only be seen

From afar





Sharing what you have

But already miss.

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