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1. The word “fuck” was never an English term meaning “Fornication Under Consent of King.” It likely comes from the Dutch fokken, the German ficken or the Norwegian fukka.

2. “420” is not the Los Angeles police code for marijuana use. Some guys claim they invented “420” at San Rafael High School in 1971, when a group of stoners would go smoke under a statue every day at 4:20 PM, but who knows?

3. Napoleon Bonaparte was not short. Or well, tiny. He was 5’7’’, which was more or less standard height in 1821. His nickname le Petit Corporal was a term of endearment, and not meant to be taken literally.

4. There is no “real” you. If you treat people poorly, or start fights in bars, or steal, or hit dogs, or pick on the weak kid in school, you are not, nor can you be, “actually a good…

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Thought Catalog

Self-Loathing 20-Somethings And The Dreams They're Chasing

This is a hypothetical conversation that would take place if we were able to speak words to our dreams, and hear what they have to say in response.

Self-Loathing 20-Something: Dreams?… Hey, Dreams, where you at?
Dreams: Heller, whatchu need suga’?
SL2S: Um, not much – why are you talking like a Tyler Perry character?
Dreams: Just a new thing I’m trying out – anyway, how’s it going?
SL2S: Not good. Not good at all.
Dreams: Oh I’m sure you’re exaggerating, it can’t possibly be too bad.
SL2S: Well, I found Fruit Loops in my sweatpants pocket today, so… that kind of sums up life right now.
Dreams: Damn. Loose cereal in the soft pant’s pocket is never a good sign.
SL2S: So yeah, again I ask, where are you?
Dreams: I’m here. Still here – haven’t moved since you first decided that you wanted to meet up.
SL2S: Where…

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