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Being international

I was on my way to the MRT when a sales lady approached me and asked: “Excuse me, may I know your age?”. “I’m 19 :p “, I replied. She said, “ohh, I see. I would love to discuss with you about opening this saving account if you are above 21. By the way, have you been to Vietnam lately? I saw the line on your tee.” I was a bit surprised when receiving the question. Still not recovering from the lady’s question, “hmmm….yeah, I have”, I answered. “Ok, thank you for your time. Have a nice day? goodbye!”, she said to me.

Verdict: I am 20 and I’m a Vietnamese 0.o By the way, if you haven’t noticed, my name’s Thai and I’m from Vietnam :p

It’s funny how people can bring the wrong impression through their appearances in Singapore. The fact that I have a “Chinese” look makes that lady think I’m a Singapore (still, I can’t think of why not Chinese, or…. Vietnamese =.=). This tiny island is really a micro version of the world with so many nationalities living together in 710 square km. Sometimes just thinking about it really does amaze me how my world has changed (even though I haven’t lived that long :p) from a country boy in Vietnam looking curiously at those speaking not in Vietnamese on the street to a person totally comfortable with having people with different skin colors around talking to one another in English.

Diversity is really owning every campus in Singapore. This fact is also reflected in the variety of available cuisines on the street ( I dumpling for my breakfast, then pasta for lunch, and finally Singapore famous chicken rice :D)

How international can one be? =))