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P&G career night

lessons that I draw from recent career-related events:

– Studying abroad only gives u one advantage: expose you to myriad of ideas and, thus, give you more choices. what matters most here is back at home, students are not “forced” to face new ideas and limited in certain boundaries. With advice from working seniors, I realize how important “do what you like or feel like” in uni is. this environment tolerates mistakes, allows experiments. Why not explore now to see what happen? The concept of going to uni as a convention (everyone does it so I do it) is so obsolete and retarded. It is really important to realize that uni is the time to develop yourself as a human, find out what you enjoy doing, and make friends. What’s more important than that, in my case, is that studying abroad doesn’t mean anything except being exposed to more ideas, either voluntarily or passively. Take full advantage of that chance (‘coz you don’t want to waste the money and sweat, right?)

Another thing is while it’s important that you enjoy what you are learning in uni, don’t limit yourself in that specific area. There are firms which offer you a lot of opportunities in exploring your career option. By career I mean a long-term process, not just jobs.

Having said that, I’m still unclear and unsure about my career. I just enjoy traveling a lot. 🙂