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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I only knew of this beach when I visited the city, Nha Trang, Vietnam. This place is not at all touristy and still preserves its natural state. Long stretch of white sand bed with blue water spreading to skyline, peaceful and simply amazing. It’s a very pleasant surprise for my group to “stumble upon” this beach during our trip to this city.

Being able to come across places like this, personally, is an unexpected treasure for travellers anywhere.

I also came across this butterfly-shaped leaf and really felt intrigued and in awe with open nature background and the butterfly shape of the leaf, hence the shot 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Vietnamese Bun Thang (vermicelli with shredded chicken, sausage/pork roll, mushroom, tofu, and vegetables). One of my favorite with many ingredients combined together to create a wonderful dish, tasty yet light and healthy.
These ingredients are different layers of Bun Thang which create a mosaic of a culinary culture from various flavors.